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    1 Most of the files in this directory are originally from the X11R2
    2 XMenu library, distributed by MIT under the terms in the file copyright.h.
    4 As of Release 2 of the X Window System, Version 11 from MIT, the XMenu
    5 library is no longer supported.  It is not used in any software
    6 supplied by MIT and its use is not encouraged.
    8 In X11R1, oldXMenu/ was found in the lib/ directory of the X11 source;
    9 but in X11R2 it was moved to contrib/.
   11 The following files are from the X11 oldXMenu/ directory:
   13  Activate.c AddPane.c AddSel.c ChgPane.c ChgSel.c Create.c DelPane.c
   14  DelSel.c Destroy.c Error.c EvHand.c FindPane.c FindSel.c InsPane.c
   15  InsSel.c Internal.c Locate.c Post.c Recomp.c SetAEQ.c SetFrz.c
   16  SetPane.c SetSel.c XMenu.h XMenuInt.h (renamed from "XMenuInternal.h")
   18 The following files are from the X11 oldX/ directory:
   20  X10.h XCrAssoc.c XDelAssoc.c XDestAssoc.c XLookAssoc.c XMakeAssoc.c
   22 This code is used by Emacs in the absence of an X-toolkit.