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    1 # 00gnulib.m4 serial 3
    2 dnl Copyright (C) 2009-2018 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
    3 dnl This file is free software; the Free Software Foundation
    4 dnl gives unlimited permission to copy and/or distribute it,
    5 dnl with or without modifications, as long as this notice is preserved.
    7 dnl This file must be named something that sorts before all other
    8 dnl gnulib-provided .m4 files.  It is needed until such time as we can
    9 dnl assume Autoconf 2.64, with its improved AC_DEFUN_ONCE and
   10 dnl m4_divert semantics.
   12 # Until autoconf 2.63, handling of the diversion stack required m4_init
   13 # to be called first; but this does not happen with aclocal.  Wrapping
   14 # the entire execution in another layer of the diversion stack fixes this.
   15 # Worse, prior to autoconf 2.62, m4_wrap depended on the underlying m4
   16 # for whether it was FIFO or LIFO; in order to properly balance with
   17 # m4_init, we need to undo our push just before anything wrapped within
   18 # the m4_init body.  The way to ensure this is to wrap both sides of
   19 # m4_init with a one-shot macro that does the pop at the right time.
   20 m4_ifndef([_m4_divert_diversion],
   21 [m4_divert_push([KILL])
   22 m4_define([gl_divert_fixup], [m4_divert_pop()m4_define([$0])])
   23 m4_define([m4_init],
   24   [gl_divert_fixup()]m4_defn([m4_init])[gl_divert_fixup()])])
   28 # ----------------------------
   29 # Define NAME to expand to VALUE on the first use (whether by direct
   30 # expansion, or by AC_REQUIRE), and to nothing on all subsequent uses.
   31 # Avoid bugs in AC_REQUIRE in Autoconf 2.63 and earlier.  This
   32 # definition is slower than the version in Autoconf 2.64, because it
   33 # can only use interfaces that existed since 2.59; but it achieves the
   34 # same effect.  Quoting is necessary to avoid confusing Automake.
   35 m4_version_prereq([2.63.263], [],
   36 [m4_define([AC][_DEFUN_ONCE],
   37   [AC][_DEFUN([$1],
   38     [AC_REQUIRE([_gl_DEFUN_ONCE([$1])],
   39       [m4_indir([_gl_DEFUN_ONCE([$1])])])])]dnl
   40 [AC][_DEFUN([_gl_DEFUN_ONCE([$1])], [$2])])])
   42 # gl_00GNULIB
   43 # -----------
   44 # Witness macro that this file has been included.  Needed to force
   45 # Automake to include this file prior to all other gnulib .m4 files.
   46 AC_DEFUN([gl_00GNULIB])