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    1 The source and copyright status of dictionary files in this directory
    2 are categorized into these three groups.
    4 (1) cangjie-table.b5
    5     cangjie-table.cns
    7 They are verbatim copies of those distributed by the author Christian
    8 Wittern himself.  Each file contains a license notice.
   10 (2) CTLau.html
   11     CTLau-b5.html
   13 They are verbatim copies of those distributed by the author; they used to
   14 be at <http://umunhum.stanford.edu/~lee/chicomp/>.  Each file contains a
   15 license notice.
   17 (3) pinyin.map
   18     ziranma.cin
   20 They are copies of those distributed with a free package
   21 called CCE at:
   23    http://archive.debian.org/debian/pool/main/c/cce/cce_0.36.orig.tar.gz
   25 As the original files don't contain copyright and license notices, a
   26 proper notice is extracted from the file Copyright and added at the
   27 head of each file.