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Smart Chinese Analysis Plugin

The Smart Chinese Analysis plugin integrates Lucene’s Smart Chinese analysis module into elasticsearch.

It provides an analyzer for Chinese or mixed Chinese-English text. This analyzer uses probabilistic knowledge to find the optimal word segmentation for Simplified Chinese text. The text is first broken into sentences, then each sentence is segmented into words.


This plugin can be installed using the plugin manager:

sudo bin/elasticsearch-plugin install analysis-smartcn

The plugin must be installed on every node in the cluster, and each node must be restarted after installation.

This plugin can be downloaded for offline install from {plugin_url}/analysis-smartcn/analysis-smartcn-{version}.zip.


The plugin can be removed with the following command:

sudo bin/elasticsearch-plugin remove analysis-smartcn

The node must be stopped before removing the plugin.

smartcn tokenizer and token filter

The plugin provides the smartcn analyzer and smartcn_tokenizer tokenizer, which are not configurable.

The smartcn_word token filter and smartcn_sentence have been deprecated.