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Phonetic Analysis Plugin

The Phonetic Analysis plugin provides token filters which convert tokens to their phonetic representation using Soundex, Metaphone, and a variety of other algorithms.


This plugin can be installed using the plugin manager:

sudo bin/elasticsearch-plugin install analysis-phonetic

The plugin must be installed on every node in the cluster, and each node must be restarted after installation.

This plugin can be downloaded for offline install from {plugin_url}/analysis-phonetic/analysis-phonetic-{version}.zip.


The plugin can be removed with the following command:

sudo bin/elasticsearch-plugin remove analysis-phonetic

The node must be stopped before removing the plugin.

phonetic token filter

The phonetic token filter takes the following settings:


Which phonetic encoder to use. Accepts metaphone (default), double_metaphone, soundex, refined_soundex, caverphone1, caverphone2, cologne, nysiis, koelnerphonetik, haasephonetik, beider_morse, daitch_mokotoff.


Whether or not the original token should be replaced by the phonetic token. Accepts true (default) and false. Not supported by beider_morse encoding.

PUT phonetic_sample
  "settings": {
    "index": {
      "analysis": {
        "analyzer": {
          "my_analyzer": {
            "tokenizer": "standard",
            "filter": [
        "filter": {
          "my_metaphone": {
            "type": "phonetic",
            "encoder": "metaphone",
            "replace": false

GET phonetic_sample/_analyze
  "analyzer": "my_analyzer",
  "text": "Joe Bloggs" (1)
  1. Returns: J, joe, BLKS, bloggs

Double metaphone settings

If the double_metaphone encoder is used, then this additional setting is supported:


The maximum length of the emitted metaphone token. Defaults to 4.

Beider Morse settings

If the beider_morse encoder is used, then these additional settings are supported:


Whether matching should be exact or approx (default).


Whether names are ashkenazi, sephardic, or generic (default).


An array of languages to check. If not specified, then the language will be guessed. Accepts: any, common, cyrillic, english, french, german, hebrew, hungarian, polish, romanian, russian, spanish.