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Search::Elasticsearch is the official Perl API for Elasticsearch. The full documentation is available on https://metacpan.org/module/Search::Elasticsearch.

It can be installed with:

cpanm Search::Elasticsearch


This client provides:

  • Full support for all Elasticsearch APIs

  • HTTP backend (blocking and asynchronous with https://metacpan.org/module/Search::Elasticsearch::Async)

  • Robust networking support which handles load balancing, failure detection and failover

  • Good defaults

  • Helper utilities for more complex operations, such as bulk indexing, scrolled searches and reindexing.

  • Logging support via Log::Any

  • Compatibility with the official clients for Python, Ruby, PHP and JavaScript

  • Easy extensibility


use Search::Elasticsearch;

# Connect to localhost:9200:
my $e = Search::Elasticsearch->new();

# Round-robin between two nodes:
my $e = Search::Elasticsearch->new(
    nodes => [

# Connect to cluster at search1:9200, sniff all nodes and round-robin between them:
my $e = Search::Elasticsearch->new(
    nodes    => 'search1:9200',
    cxn_pool => 'Sniff'

# Index a document:
    index   => 'my_app',
    type    => 'blog_post',
    id      => 1,
    body    => {
        title   => 'Elasticsearch clients',
        content => 'Interesting content...',
        date    => '2014-09-24'

# Get the document:
my $doc = $e->get(
    index   => 'my_app',
    type    => 'blog_post',
    id      => 1

# Search:
my $results = $e->search(
    index => 'my_app',
    body  => {
        query => {
            match => { title => 'elasticsearch' }

Elasticsearch 0.90.* and earlier

The current version of the client supports the Elasticsearch 1.0 branch by default, which is not backwards compatible with the 0.90 branch.

If you need to talk to a version of Elasticsearch before 1.0.0, please use Search::Elasticsearch::Client::0_90::Direct as follows:

    $es = Search::Elasticsearch->new(
        client => '0_90::Direct'

Reporting issues

The GitHub repository is https://github.com/elastic/elasticsearch-perl and any issues can be reported on the issues list at https://github.com/elastic/elasticsearch-perl/issues.


Open source contributions are welcome. Please read our guide to contributing.

This software is Copyright (c) 2013-2018 by Elasticsearch BV.

This is free software, licensed under: The Apache License Version 2.0.