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Besides the officially supported Elasticsearch clients, there are a number of clients that have been contributed by the community for various languages:



  • elasticlient: simple library for simplified work with Elasticsearch in C++


  • Spandex: Clojure client, based on the new official low level rest-client.

  • Elastisch: Clojure client.

ColdFusion (CFML)

  • cbElasticSearch Native ColdFusion (CFML) support for the ColdBox MVC Platform which provides you with a fluent search interface for Elasticsearch, in addition to a CacheBox Cache provider and a Logbox Appender for logging.

The following project appears to be abandoned:






  • Flummi: Java Rest client with comprehensive query DSL API

  • Jest: Java Rest client.


  • Elastic.js: A JavaScript implementation of the Elasticsearch Query DSL and Core API.

  • elastics: Simple tiny client that just works

  • ember-data-elasticsearch-kit: An ember-data kit for both pushing and querying objects to Elasticsearch cluster

The following project appears to be abandoned:





The following project appears to be abandoned:


  • Elastijk: A low level minimal HTTP client.


  • Elastica: PHP client.

  • elasticsearch PHP client.

  • elasticsearcher Agnostic lightweight package on top of the Elasticsearch PHP client. Its main goal is to allow for easier structuring of queries and indices in your application. It does not want to hide or replace functionality of the Elasticsearch PHP client.


  • pyelasticsearch: Python client.

  • ESClient: A lightweight and easy to use Python client for Elasticsearch.

  • elasticutils: A friendly chainable Elasticsearch interface for Python.

  • pyes: Python client.

The following projects appear to be abandoned:

  • rawes: Python low level client.

  • Surfiki Refine: Python Map-Reduce engine targeting Elasticsearch indices.


  • elastic: A low-level R client for Elasticsearch.

  • elasticdsl: A high-level R DSL for Elasticsearch, wrapping the elastic R client.

  • uptasticsearch: An R client tailored to data science workflows.

The following projects appear to be abandoned:


  • stretcher: Ruby client.

  • elastics: Tiny client with built-in zero-downtime migrations and ActiveRecord integration.

  • chewy: Chewy is an ODM and wrapper for the official Elasticsearch client

  • Searchkick: Intelligent search made easy

  • Estella: Make your Ruby models searchable

The following projects appear to be abandoned:


  • rs-es: A REST API client with a strongly-typed Query DSL.

  • elastic: A modular REST API client that supports freeform queries.


The following projects appear to be abandoned: