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The Elasticsearch docs are in AsciiDoc format and can be built using the Elasticsearch documentation build process.

See: https://github.com/elastic/docs

Snippets marked with // CONSOLE are automatically annotated with "VIEW IN CONSOLE" and "COPY AS CURL" in the documentation and are automatically tested by the command gradle :docs:check. To test just the docs from a single page, use e.g. gradle :docs:check -Dtests.method=rollover.

If you have an elasticsearch-extra folder alongside your elasticsearch folder, you must temporarily rename it when you are testing 6.3 or later branches.

By default each // CONSOLE snippet runs as its own isolated test. You can manipulate the test execution in the following ways:

In addition to the standard CONSOLE syntax these snippets can contain blocks of yaml surrounded by markers like this:

  - compare_analyzers: {index: thai_example, first: thai, second: rebuilt_thai}

This allows slightly more expressive testing of the snippets. Since that syntax is not supported by CONSOLE the usual way to incorporate it is with a // TEST[s//] marker like this:

// TEST[s/\n$/\nstartyaml\n  - compare_analyzers: {index: thai_example, first: thai, second: rebuilt_thai}\nendyaml\n/]

Any place you can use json you can use elements like $body.path.to.thing which is replaced on the fly with the contents of the thing at path.to.thing in the last response.