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    1 12/05/2002 - Vishal Verma
    2 o Add color term support. Also Bold/Italics etc.
    3 o Add pronunciation support
    4 o Add thesaurus support - done Sat Mar 1 23:59:59 PST 2003
    5 o Add options to view parts of results viz. Function, Etymology and others
    6 o Add support for reading defaults from a config file
    7 o Add support for caching the word meanings locally - probably illegal - what about your browser caching the meanings??
    8 o Add suuport for spelling suggestions - done Mon Jan 27 13:49:22 PST 2003
    9 o Add support for proxy server - done Mon Dec  9 16:09:23 PST 2002
   10 o Add support for viewing multiple meanings. The user should be able to
   11 specify the function too. Like:			- Partially done Tue Jan 28 13:49:22 PST 2003
   12 	edict -n divine		- divine as noun
   13 	edict -v divine		- divine as verb 
   14 o Confirm that the proxy works - done Thu Jan 2 18:00:00 PST 2003
   15 o Support for connecting to the DICT server (www.dict.org) - really cool?
   16 o Let the user create links to edict program and then configure in the config
   17   file what a particular name means. For example a link named ethes will call
   18   thesaurus etc.