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    1 [db_settings]
    2 # Used to identify which repository this database is versioned under.
    3 # You can use the name of your project.
    4 repository_id=ec2api
    6 # The name of the database table used to track the schema version.
    7 # This name shouldn't already be used by your project.
    8 # If this is changed once a database is under version control, you'll need to 
    9 # change the table name in each database too. 
   10 version_table=migrate_version
   12 # When committing a change script, Migrate will attempt to generate the 
   13 # sql for all supported databases; normally, if one of them fails - probably
   14 # because you don't have that database installed - it is ignored and the 
   15 # commit continues, perhaps ending successfully. 
   16 # Databases in this list MUST compile successfully during a commit, or the 
   17 # entire commit will fail. List the databases your application will actually 
   18 # be using to ensure your updates to that database work properly.
   19 # This must be a list; example: ['postgres','sqlite']
   20 required_dbs=[]