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    1 Begin3
    2 Title:		e2recover
    3 Version:	1.0
    4 Entered-date:	1999-02-02
    5 Description:	Tools to assist in recovering deleted files from ext2
    6 		file systems.  Includes fsgrab (which simply copies data
    7 		from a specified position in a file or device) and e2recover,
    8 		a Perl script which calls both fsgrab and debugfs (from the
    9 		e2fsprogs) to automate file recovery.
   10 		.
   11 		fsgrab was originally part of the same author's fsgrab
   12 		package, which is no longer maintained.
   13 		.
   14 		See also the Linux Ext2fs-Undeletion mini-HOWTO which can be
   15 		found on <URL:http://pobox.com/~aaronc/tech/e2-undel/> or on
   16 		any Linux Documentation Project mirror.
   17 Keywords:	ext2fs block device filesystem file system undelete
   18 Author:		aaronc@pobox.com (Aaron Crane)
   19 Maintained-by:	aaronc@pobox.com (Aaron Crane)
   20 Primary-site:	sunsite.unc.edu /pub/Linux/utils/file/
   21 		57k e2recover-1.0.tar.gz
   22 		1k e2recover-1.0.lsm
   23 Alternate-site:	pobox.com /~aaronc/tech/
   24 		57k http://pobox.com/~aaronc/tech/e2recover-1.0.tar.gz
   25 Platforms:	POSIX.  To handle large (>2GB) filesystems, you probably need
   26 		one of the following: Linux; FreeBSD; or the e2fsprogs
   27 		libraries (with their include files).
   28 Copying-policy:	GPL
   29 End