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    1 E2fsprogs 1.45.1 (May 12, 2019)
    2 ===============================
    4 Updates/Fixes since v1.45.0:
    6 UI and Features
    7 ---------------
    9 Teach the e2scrub and e2scub_all commands the -n option, which prints
   10 what these commands would do.
   12 Finalize the casefold support so it is synchronized with what we
   13 actually shipped in the kernel.  This includes updating to Unicode 12.1,
   14 dropping ASCII casefolding support, and switching from NFKD to NFD.  The
   15 the ext4 feature name also changed from fname_encoding to casefold.
   16 Add support for casefold to dumpe2fs and debugfs.
   18 Debugfs now prints non-printable characters using C-style hex escape
   19 sequences (e.g., "\xc1" instead of M-A).  The old scheme printed
   20 filenames in an ambiguous way, which complicated using debugfs for ext4
   21 encryption regression tests.
   23 E2fsck now checks to make sure that all unused bits in the block
   24 allocation bitmaps are set; if there are some unset bits in the block
   25 bitmaps for file systems where the blocks_per_group is less than
   26 8*blocksize (not the default), this can confuse the kernel's multi-block
   27 allocator and return a bogus free extent.  E2fsprogs guarantees this
   28 when it writes out the bitmap blocks, but it's possible that file system
   29 blocks could have gotten corrupted since the last time e2fsprogs wrote
   30 out the bitmap blocks.
   32 E2fsck now has support write out a problem code log which can provide
   33 more debugging and monitoring information.  This can be configured using
   34 /etc/e2fsck.conf.
   37 Fixes
   38 -----
   40 Teach e2scrub and e2scrub to give more intelligible error messages when
   41 the lvm2 and util-linux packages are not installed, or if the commands
   42 are not run as root.
   44 Teach e2scrub_all to skip trying to run e2scrub on a logical volume if
   45 its volume group did not have enough space to create a snapshot.
   46 (Addresses Debian Bug: #924301)
   48 E2scrub will tag its snapshots with UDISK_IGNORE so they do not show up
   49 in GUI's.   (Addresses Debian Bug: #926112)
   51 Mark the e2scrub service files to indicate that CAP_SYS_ADMIN and
   52 CAP_SYS_RAWIO are required.  This avoids errors when e2scrub is run an
   53 container where root does not have these capabilities.  (Addresses
   54 Debian Bug: #926138)
   56 Fix mke2fs's check for absurdly large disks.  Previously check was 2^10
   57 too small, so mke2fs would fail when trying to format a 900TB file
   58 system.
   60 Fixed debugfs so it correctly prints ea_in_inode xattr values.
   62 Fixed various casefold bugs.
   65 Performance, Internal Implementation, Development Support etc.
   66 --------------------------------------------------------------
   68 Synchronized changes from Android's AOSP e2fsprogs tree.
   70 Fix autoheader warnings caused by a missing template in AC_CHECK_LIB.
   72 Fix the the "make install-strip" command.
   74 Dropped utf8_* and nls_* symbols from the libext2fs shared library, to
   75 avoid namespace contamination.
   77 Fix the f_valid_ea_in_inode test so actually tests the ea_in_inode
   78 feature.
   80 Fixed various debian packaging issues.  (Addresses Debian Bug: #924275)