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    1 E2fsprogs 1.43.6 (August 29, 2017)
    2 ==================================
    4 Fix printing of quota inconsistency messages on 32-bit platforms in
    5 e2fsck.  Also fix a bug which cause project quota problems to be
    6 labelled as group quota problems.
    8 Fix UI problems caused by fuzzy translations such that some messages
    9 are in English and some are in the foreign language, and it's not
   10 obvious to user how to answer yes/no questions.  (Addresses Debian
   11 Bug: #856586).
   13 Fix some out-of-bounds memory accesses in e2fsck caused by (usually
   14 maliciously) corrupted file systems.  (Addresses Debian Bugs: #871539,
   15 #871540)
   17 Optimize CPU usage in e2fsck for very large, very fragmented sparse
   18 files.
   20 Add an optional mode in e2fsck which trades off additional memory for
   21 CPU time when processing file systems that are heavily hard-linked.
   22 (This can be a very large amount of memory, so this feature is
   23 disabled for now.  How to automatically determine when it would be
   24 helpful to enable this optimization, and when it is _safe_ to enable
   25 this optimization is still a bit of a research problem.)
   27 The mke2fs program will automatically upsize the inode size to 256 if
   28 it is not explicitly specified on command-line and the default inode
   29 size is not large enough to support the project quota feature
   30 requested by the user.  If the inode size is explicitly specified to
   31 be 128 bytes, and the project quota is enabled mke2fs will fail since
   32 with an error explaining that project id's can't be supported when the
   33 inode size is < 256 bytes.
   35 The tune2fs program will not allow the project feature or project
   36 quotas to be enabled in the inode size is 128 bytes.
   38 The tune2fs program now prints a more understandable message explaining
   39 that the file system needs to be checked using e2fsck -f before
   40 running certain complex tune2fs operations.  (Addresses Debian Bug:
   41 #857336)
   43 If the proceed_delay option is enabled in /etc/e2fsck.conf, the message
   44 indicating that user can wait N seconds to proceed was ambiguous.
   45 That message has been made more clear.  (Addresses Debian Bug:
   46 #857336)
   48 Fix LFS bug which caused e2image to fail to create regular e2image
   49 files which are larger than 2 GiB on 32-bit platforms.  (Addresses
   50 Debian Bug: #855246)
   52 Fix FreeBSD portability problem caused by the fact that they no longer
   53 use block devices.  (Disks are character mode devices.)
   55 Update the Czech, French, Polish, Swedish, and Vietnamese translations.
   57 Fixed various Debian Packaging Issues.
   60 Programming notes
   61 -----------------
   63 Avoid changing the blkid cache when running tests.  (Normally the
   64 blkid cache is not writable by the user running tests, but...)
   66 The tar file generation process will now create reproducible
   67 artifacts.
   69 Removed legacy entries for ext4dev in the default mke2fs.conf file.