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    1 E2fsprogs 1.13 (December 15, 1998)
    2 ==================================
    4 Fixed a bug in debugfs where an error messages weren't getting printed
    5 when the ext2 library routines to read inodes returned errors in the
    6 stat, cmri and rm commands.
    8 Fixed a bug in mke2fs so that if a ridiculous inode ratio parameter is
    9 provided, it won't create an inode table smaller than the minimum
   10 number of inodes required for a proper ext2 filesystem.
   12 Fsck now parses the /etc/fstab file directly (instead of using
   13 getmntent()), so that it can distinguish between a missing pass number
   14 field and pass number field of zero.  This caused problems for
   15 diskless workstations where all of the filesystems in /etc/fstab have
   16 an explicit pass number of zero, and fsck could not distinguish this
   17 from a /etc/fstab file with missing pass numbers.
   19 E2fsck will create a /lost+found directory if there isn't one in the
   20 filesystem, since it's safer to create the lost+found directory before
   21 it's needed.
   23 Fixed e2fsck so that it would detect bogus immutable inodes which
   24 happen to be sockets and FIFO files, and offer to clear them.
   26 If a filesystem has multiple reasons why it needs to be checked, and
   27 one of the reasons is that it is uncleanly mounted, e2fsck will print
   28 that as the reason why the filesystem is being checked.
   30 Cleaned up the output routines of mke2fs so that it doesn't overflow
   31 an 80 column display when formatting really big filesystems.
   33 Added a sanity check to e2fsck to make sure that file descriptors 0,
   34 1, 2 are open before opening the hard disk.  This avoids a problem
   35 where a broken program might exec e2fsck with those file descriptors
   36 closed, which would cause disastrous results if the kernel returns a
   37 file descriptor for the block device which is also used by FILE *
   38 stdout.
   40 Fixed up the e2fsck progress reporting functions so that the values
   41 reliably reach 100% at the completion of all of the e2fsck passes.
   43 Fixed minor documentation bugs in man pages and usage messages.
   45 Programmer's notes:
   46 -------------------
   48 Fixed a number of lint warnings in the ext2fs library and potential
   49 portability problems from other OS's header files that might define
   50 CPP macros for names like "max" and "min".
   52 ext2fs_badblocks_list_add() has been made more efficient when it needs
   53 to grow the bad blocks list.
   55 Fixed a bug in e2fsck which caused it to dereference a freed pointer
   56 just before exiting.
   58 Fixed the substitution process for generating the mk_cmds and compile_et
   59 scripts so that they will work outside of the build tree.
   61 Add sanity check to e2fsck so that if an internal routine
   62 (ext2fs_get_dir_info) returns NULL, avoid dereferencing the pointer
   63 and causing a core dump.  This should never happen, but...