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    1 E2fsprogs 1.02 (January 16, 1996)
    2 =================================
    4 Fix to allow e2fsprogs to be compiled on recent 1.3 (pl45+) kernels.
    6 Change e2fsck to print statistics of how many non-contiguous files are
    7 on the system.  Note that a file which is larger than 8k blocks, it is
    8 guaranteed to be non-contiguous.
   10 In mke2fs, print a warning message if a user tries to format a whole
   11 disk (/dev/hda versus /dev/hda1).  If a user really wants to format a
   12 whole disk, the -F (force) option forces mke2fs to format a whole disk
   13 as a filesystem.
   15 Fix a bug in fsck where in some cases it might start checking
   16 partitions in the next pass before it finishes checking partitions in
   17 the current pass.  This still won't cause two partitions on the same
   18 disk will be checked, so it's rarely a problem in real life.
   20 Patch lsattr so that it won't hang when checking a named pipe.
   22 Minor compilation fixes:
   23 	* Fix the order of libraries that were linked in debugfs.
   24 	* Allow the sources to be compiled with -ansi turned on.