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Generates a value and a string based on user input.


Available only through the user interface.

Name Type Default Description
stringdata string list or group no default specifies or derives a list of potential output strings
valuelist integer or string list or value list 0-based list list of potential output values
cull flag 0 determines whether zero-length strings are removed (1) or not (0)
label string "Selector" global name applied to interactor stand-ins

Name Type Description
value string or value value
name string string name

Functional Details

This module allows the user to interactively select one item from a list. Through inputs to the module (outputs from other tools or values set in its configuration dialog box) the interactor can be "data driven."

If the interactor is not data driven, its attributes (e.g., stringdata or valuelist) are taken from its Set Attributes... dialog box (accessed from the Edit pull-down menu in the Control Panel).

This interactor requires a list of strings and a list of values or strings that are then paired up one-to-one and used as selectable outputs. The inputs to Selector are used to generate both lists. If there are no inputs, the module uses the values in its Set Attributes... dialog box.


controls the string values that appear as output in name. It is required if the interactor is data driven.

If the parameter value is:

  • a string list: the individual strings are used as potential outputs.
  • a group: the names of the group members (or member1, member2, ...) are used as possible output names.
  • a series group: the names are "position = n," (where n is the series position of each series member).

In every case, the items in the resulting string list are displayed in the list of selections in the corresponding Selector interactor.


is a list of potential output values.

If this parameter is a value or string list, these values are mapped one-to-one onto the string list that results from stringdata input.

If the interactor is data-driven, the parameter value can also be a single integer used to generate a list of integers beginning with that one.

If the parameter is defaulted and the interactor is data-driven, the value list is a list of integers starting at 0 (zero).


is specified only when the interactor is data-driven. It determines whether or not empty strings are culled from the string list that results from stringdata input. If set to 1, empty strings are removed.


is the global label of all instances of the corresponding interactor stand-in. An interactor instance's local label (set from the Control Panel) overrides a global label. If not specified, the global label is set by the user interface.

Example Visual Programs

Many example visual programs use the Selector interactor. Example programs that use a data-driven Selector interactor are:

See Also

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