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Displays a message to the user.


Message(message, type, popup)


Name Type Default Description
message string none message to be displayed
type string "message" type of information: error, warning, or message
popup flag 0 0: Do not display message in pop-up window
1: Display message in pop-up window

Functional Details


specifies the message to be displayed.


specifies the kind of message. Information messages are presented unaccompanied, but error messages are preceded by ERROR, and warnings by WARNING.


specifies whether the message is to be displayed in a pop-up window as well as in the Message Window. In script mode, messages are sent to the xterm, regardless of the pop-up setting.

Note: The display of any or all categories of message can be prevented by deactivating the appropriate toggle buttons in the Options pull-down menu of the Message Window.

Example Visual Program


See Also

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