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Generates a numeric list.


list = Enumerate(start, end, count, delta, method);


Name Type Default Description
start scalar or vector input dependent first value in list
end scalar or vector input dependent last value in list
count integer input dependent number of entries in list
delta scalar or vector input dependent numeric spacing
method string "linear" method


Name Type Description
list value list the numeric list

Functional Details

This module creates a list of numeric values.


specifies the first value in the list.


specifies the last value in the list.


specifies the number of items in the list.


specifies the numerical spacing between successive items in the list. If start and end are vector values and this parameter is specified, it must be specified as a matching vector.


specifies the type of list to be created. At present, the specification must be "linear." The list created is a linear sequence of numbers from start to end, containing count items or containing items separated by a spacing interval of delta.

Note: Only three of the first four parameters are required. If all four are specified, delta is ignored.

Example Visual Program


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