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Enables a remote DXLink application to set a parameter value in a visual program, while also setting the name of the variable.


output = DXLInputNamed(name, default);


Name Type Default Description
name string none name of variable
default value, string, object no default default value (overridden by the remote application)


Name Type Description
output object the default value or the value sent from a remote application

Functional Details

This tool receives variable values from a remote application that uses the DXLink library of function calls (see Chapter 17. "DXLink Developer's Toolkit" in IBM Visualization Data Explorer Programmer's Reference). The value received from the application is passed as output from the DXLInputNamed tool.

This module differs from DXLInput in that the name of the variable is set using the name parameter, rather than using the Notation field of the Configuration Dialog box. This enables the variable name to be passed in via a wire, rather than preset for the module. This allows you to place DXLInputNamed in a macro and have different instances of the macro use different variable names.


is the variable name. This variable is then set by DXLSet... functions of the DXLink development library.


is the default value for the output of DXLInputNamed.

If there is no remote application setting the default values, DXLInputNamed will output the value specified by default. If a remote application sets the value, that value overrides default. This parameter provides a mechanism that makes it easier to debug visual programs that are intended to be used and controlled by remote DXLink applications.

Note: The default value must be set in the module's configuration dialog box. Any value set by a connection to the output of another tool will not be overridden by a value set by a remote application.

See Also

DXLInput DXLOutput, Input, Output

Chapter 17. "DXLink Developer's Toolkit" in IBM Visualization Data Explorer Programmer's Reference.

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