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Adds one or more specified Objects to an existing Group.


group = Append(input, object, id,...);

Name Type Default Description
input Group (no default) group to which an object is to be added
object Object (no default) Object to be added
id scalar or string (no default) series position or name of Object
... ... ... additional object-id pair(s)

Name Type Description
group group the group with Objects added

Functional Details

This module differs from Collect, CollectNamed, CollectMultiGrid, and CollectSeries, which create a new Group with the specified Objects as members. For example, if the input to the module is a series with four members, the output will be a series with four + n members, where n is the number of objects specified.


must be a Group. The type of this Group determines the type of the output Group.


is an Object to be added as a member to the Group input.


specifies additional information to be associated with the appended Object. For a named Group, this could be the name of the member. For a Series, it is the series position value. If input is a series, then id is a required parameter. Otherwise, it is optional.

A single Append module can specify a maximum of 21 object-id pairs. In the user interface, the default number of enabled parameter tabs is two. (Tabs can be added to the module icon and removed with the appropriate ...Input Tab options in the Edit pull-down menu of the VPE.)


All components are propagated to the output.

See Also

 Collect,  CollectMultiGrid,  CollectNamed,  CollectSeries,  Select

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