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IBM Visualization Data Explorer Programmer's Reference

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Returns the subObject of the current Object selected by a pick path.


#include <dx/dx.h>

Object DXTraversePickPath(Object current, int index, Matrix *matrix)

Functional Details

Traverses a data Object to reach the picked Field, element, and vertex. Given an Object current (initially the root of the data Object), a pointer to a matrix matrix (initially identity), and a path index index, returns the subObject of the current Object.

When Xform Objects are encountered, the matrix associated with the Xform is concatenated onto the matrix pointed to by the matrix parameter (if one was passed in). When the end of the path is found (either by recognizing that the returned Object is a Field or that the returned Object is the same as the current Object), the caller is left with the picked Field and a transform carrying the coordinate system of that Field to the eye coordinate system.

Return Value

Returns the subObject or returns NULL and sets an error code.

See Also

DXGetPickPoint, DXQueryPickCount, DXQueryPickPath, DXQueryPokeCount

14.6 , "Pick-Assistance Routines".

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