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IBM Visualization Data Explorer Programmer's Reference

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Presents a message to the user.


#include <dx/dx.h>

void DXMessage(char *message, ...)

Functional Details

The message string should not contain newline characters, because the DXMessage routine formats the message in a manner appropriate to the output medium. For terminal output, this includes prefixing the message with the processor identifier and appending a newline. The message may be a printf form string, in which case additional arguments may be necessary.

You can also invoke standard error messages by specifying message as

where number identifies a message in the file /usr/local/dx/messages. Note that many of the messages require one or more arguments.

Note: In combination with two other library routines, DXMessage can be used to form "long" messages. For details, see DXBeginLongMessage, DXEndLongMessage.

Return Value


See Also

DXBeginLongMessage, DXEndLongMessage, DXSetError, DXErrorReturn, DXErrorGoto, DXWarning

13.1 , "Error Handling and Messages".

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