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IBM Visualization Data Explorer Programmer's Reference

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Provides access to the components of a Field by index rather than by name.


#include <dx/dx.h>

Object DXGetEnumeratedComponentValue(Field f, int n, char **name)

Functional Details

Provides access to all components of the Field f without requiring a list of component names. We might, for example, find all components that are dependent on positions by using DXGetEnumeratedComponentValue in a looping construct in which DXGetEnumeratedComponentAttribute (or, using the name returned by DXGetEnumeratedComponentValue, using DXGetComponentAttribute) is used to access the "dep" attribute of each component.

The components of Field f may be indexed by calling DXGetEnumeratedComponentValue with successive values of n until NULL is returned. The name of the component is returned in *name.

Note: DXGetEnumeratedComponentAttribute would not be suitable for use in the looping construct because it will return NULL if the nth component doesn't have the specified component, even if there are more than n components.

Return Value

Returns the value of the component or returns NULL but does not set an error code if n is out of range.

See Also

DXGetComponentAttribute, DXGetComponentValue, DXGetEnumeratedComponentAttribute

12.1 , "Field Class".

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