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    1 Main files
    2 ==========
    4 Camilla Berglund <elmindreda@elmindreda.org> wrote the first
    5 version of duff and is currently its main developer.
    7 Duff contains and uses the SHA1 message digest code from the sha-asaddi
    8 package, which was written by Allan Saddi <allan@saddi.com>.  See the
    9 files `sha1.c' or `sha1.h' for copyright and license details.
   11 Ideas, suggestions, initial feature patches, spelling corrections and bug
   12 reports have been contributed by various people.  They are noted in the
   13 appropriate entries of the `ChangeLog' file.
   16 Supporting files
   17 ================
   19 The `join-duplicates.sh' script was originally written by Ross Newell.