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XPACode: Where to Find Example/Test Code


The XPA source code directory contains two test programs, stest.c, and ctest.c that can serve as examples for writing XPA servers and clients, respectively. They also can be used to test various features of XPA.


To build the XPA test programs, execute:

   make All
in the XPA source directory to generate the stest and ctest programs. (NB: this should work on all platforms, although we have had problems with unresolved externals on one Sun/Solaris machine, for reasons still unknown.)

The stest program can be executed with no arguments to start an XPA server that contains the access points: xpa, xpa1, c_xpa (containing sub-commands cmd1 and cmd2), and i_xpa. You then can use xpaset and xpaget to interact with these access points:

  cat xpa.c | xpaset xpa      # send to xpa
  cat xpa.c | xpaset "xpa*"   # send to xpa and xpa1
  xpaget xpa                  # receive from xpa
  xpaget xpa*                 # receive from xpa and xpa1
etc. You also can use ctest to do the same thing, or to iterate:
  ctest -s -l 100 xpa        # send to xpa 100 times
  ctest -s -l 100 "xpa*"     # send to xpa and xpa1 100 times
  ctest -g -l 100 xpa        # receive from xpa 100 times
  ctest -g -l 100 "xpa*"     # receive from xpa and xpa1 100 times
More options are available: see the stest.c and ctest.c code itself, which were used extensively to debug XPA.

The file test.tcl in the XPA source directory gives examples for using the XPATclInterface.

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Last updated: September 10, 2003