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    2 Wrapping the jpeg support library for tcl is a bit more complicated
    3 than libz, or libpng.
    5 (1)	libjpeg comes with its own configure command, and there is no
    6 	configure.in. This means that it is not possible to lift the
    7 	relevant sections out of it for the configure of the
    8 	binding. Instead the binding run the configure of libjpeg
    9 	(AC_CONFIG_SUBDIRS) from its own configure and uses the
   10 	resulting header file (jconfig.h) as usual. A quirk is that
   11 	the tcl binding is a subdirectory of libjpeg, but to be able
   12 	to perform the previous operation its has to be the other way
   13 	around (AC_CONFIG_SUBDIRS is unable to handle '..'
   14 	correctly). To facility this I placed a symbolic link into the
   15 	directory of the binding, refering to the parent under the
   16 	name libjpeg.
   18 (2)	A second trouble spot is described in the file 'DANGER'.