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    1 [comment {-*- tcl -*- tkcon manpage}]
    2 [manpage_begin tkcon n 2.5]
    3 [copyright {Jeffrey Hobbs <jeff at hobbs.org>}]
    4 [moddesc   {TkCon}]
    5 [titledesc {Controlling TkCon console}]
    7 [description]
    8 [para]
    9 This provides lots of useful control over a console:
   11 [list_begin definitions]
   13 [call [cmd tkcon] [arg attach] [arg interpreter]]
   14 Attaches tkcon to the named interpreter.
   15 The name must be that returned by [lb][cmd tk] [arg appname][rb] or a valid
   16 path to a slave interpreter.
   17 It's best to use this via the [arg {Console->Attach Console}] menu.
   19 [call [cmd tkcon] [arg buffer] [opt [arg size]]]
   20 Sets or queries the allowed size of the console text widget in lines.
   21 The text widget will automatically delete leading lines once this
   22 number has been exceeded (read: this is the scroll buffer size).
   24 [call [cmd tkcon] [arg bgerror] [opt "[arg msg] [arg errorInfo]"]]
   25 Does bgerror stuff in the tkcon master interpreter.
   27 [call [cmd tkcon] [arg close] or [cmd tkcon] [arg destroy]]
   28 Destroys this tkcon widget.
   30 [call [cmd tkcon] [arg congets]]
   31 Behaves like the traditional Tcl gets, but instead of using stdin,
   32 it uses the tkcon console window.
   33 By default, tkcon replaces the standard gets with this command.
   34 This behavior can be controlled by altering the [cmd ::tkcon::OPT(gets)]
   35 parameter at startup.
   36 This should not be called directly - instead rely on the overloaded
   37 gets, which has support for the optional varName parameter.
   39 [call [cmd tkcon] [arg console] [arg args]]
   40 Passes the args to the tkcon text widget (the console).
   42 [call [cmd tkcon] [arg error]]
   43 Pops up a dialog that gives the user a full trace of the
   44 last error received in the tkcon console.
   46 [call [cmd tkcon] [arg find] [arg string]\
   47       [opt "[arg -case] [arg TCL_BOOLEAN] [arg -regexp] [arg TCL_BOOLEAN]"]]
   48 Highlights all instances of string in the console.
   49 If the string is empty, it clears any previous highlighting.
   51 [call [cmd tkcon] [arg font] [opt [arg fontname]]]
   52 Sets or returns the font used by tkcon text widgets.
   54 [call [cmd tkcon] [arg gets]]
   55 Behaves like the traditional Tcl gets, but instead of needing
   56 stdin, it pops a dialog box up for the user.
   57 The overloaded gets has support for the optional varName parameter.
   59 [call [cmd tkcon] [arg getcommand]]
   60 A variation of the congets method that requires a full
   61 command to be input before returning.
   63 [call [cmd tkcon] [arg hide]]
   64 Withdraw the tkcon display from the screen (make sure you
   65 have a way to get it back).
   67 [call [cmd tkcon] [arg history] [opt [arg -newline]]]
   68 Displays the tkcon history in sourceable form.
   69 If [arg -newline] is specified, it separates each command by
   70 an extra newline.
   72 [call [cmd tkcon] [arg iconify]]
   73 Iconifies the tkcon display.
   75 [call [cmd tkcon] [arg linelength] [opt [arg value]]]
   76 Sets or displays the number that specifies the limit of long result lines.
   77 True result is still captured in $_ (and 'puts $_' works).
   79 [call [cmd tkcon] [arg load] [arg filename]]
   80 Sources named file into the slave interpreter.
   81 If no filename is given, it will attempt to call
   82 [cmd tk_getOpenFile] to pop up the file select box.
   84 [call [cmd tkcon] [arg main] [opt "[arg arg] [arg arg] [arg ...]"]]
   85 Passes the args to the main tkcon interpreter to be
   86 evaluated and returns the result.
   88 [call [cmd tkcon] [arg master] [arg args]]
   89 Passes the args to the master interpreter to be evaluated
   90 and returns the result.
   92 [call [cmd tkcon] [arg new]]
   93 Creates a new tkcon widget.
   95 [call [cmd tkcon] [arg resultfilter] [opt [arg command]]]
   96 Specify a command to process the results before outputting it to the console
   97 window.  The command receives one argument (the result string) and the string
   98 returned is placed in the console.
  100 [call [cmd tkcon] [arg save] [opt "[arg filename] [opt [arg type]]"]]
  101 Saves the console buffer to the given filename.
  102 If no filename is given, it will attempt to call
  103 [cmd tk_getSaveFile] to pop up the file select box.
  104 If no type is given, a dialog will ask you to specify
  105 what portion of the text you want to save.
  107 [call [cmd tkcon] [arg set] [arg var] [opt [arg value]]]
  108 Queries or sets a master interpreter variable.
  110 [call [cmd tkcon] [arg append] [arg var] [opt [arg value]]]
  111 Like set, but uses append on the variable.
  113 [call [cmd tkcon] [arg lappend] [arg var] [opt [arg value]]]
  114 Like set, but uses lappend on the variable.
  116 [call [cmd tkcon] [arg show] or [cmd tkcon] [arg deiconify]]
  117 Redisplays tkcon on the screen.
  119 [call [cmd tkcon] [arg slave] [opt "[arg slavename] [opt [arg {arg arg ...}]]"]]
  120 If called with no args, it returns the name of all the tkcon interpreters.
  121 Otherwise given an interp name it passes the args to the named interpreter
  122 to be evaluated and returns the result.
  123 If no args are passed, then it returns the [lb][cmd tk] [arg appname][rb] of that
  124 interpreter.
  126 [call [cmd tkcon] [arg title] [opt [arg title]]]
  127 Sets or returns the title for tkcon.
  129 [call [cmd tkcon] [arg version]]
  130 Returns of version of tkcon.
  132 [list_end]
  134 [see_also [cmd tkcon](1)]
  135 [see_also [cmd tkconrc](5) [cmd tkcon](n) [cmd dump](n)]
  136 [see_also [cmd observe](n)]
  137 [keywords Tk console debug]
  139 [manpage_end]