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    1 [comment {-*- tcl -*- observe manpage}]
    2 [manpage_begin observe n 2.5]
    3 [copyright {Jeffrey Hobbs <jeff at hobbs.org>}]
    4 [moddesc   {TkCon}]
    5 [titledesc {Runtime debugging output in TkCon}]
    7 [description]
    8 [para]
    9 This command provides runtime debugging output for variables
   10 and commands without the need to edit your code.
   11 For variables, the underlying mechanism uses [cmd trace] and [cmd dump] var.
   12 For commands, it renames the observed procedure and uses a
   13 special wrapper procedure.
   14 WARNING: using this procedure after checkpointing state will
   15 result in major problems if you clean state because the
   16 renamed (true) commands will be lost.
   18 [para]
   19 This procedure is experimental.
   20 Comments are encouraged.
   22 [list_begin definitions]
   24 [call [cmd observe] [arg command] [arg cmdname] [opt [arg maxlevel]]]
   25 This will create a wrapper command which prints out (using [cmd dump])
   26 the call stack to the console.
   27 maxlevel represents the maximum number of levels of the call
   28 stack which will be printed (defaults to 4).
   30 [call [cmd observe] [arg cdelete] [arg cmdname]]
   31 Removes the wrapper around an observed command.
   33 [call [cmd observe] [arg cinfo] [arg cmdname]]
   34 Prints out useless info.
   36 [call [cmd observe] [arg variable] [arg varname] [arg operation] [opt [arg args]]]
   37 Currently a wrapper around trace that uses [cmd dump] to print out
   38 the value of the named variable whenever the specified
   39 operation on that variable occurs (must be [arg read], [arg write] or [arg unset]).
   41 [call [cmd observe] [arg vdelete] [arg varname] [arg operation]]
   42 Deletes the trace wrapper around the named variable.
   44 [call [cmd observe] [arg vinfo] [arg varname]]
   45 Prints out trace info about the named variable.
   47 [list_end]
   49 [see_also [cmd tkcon](1)]
   50 [see_also [cmd tkconrc](5) [cmd tkcon](n) [cmd dump](n)]
   51 [see_also [cmd idebug](n)]
   52 [keywords Tk console debug]
   54 [manpage_end]