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    1 WHAT:   Enhanced Tk Console for all Tk platforms
    3 WHERE:  http://tkcon.sourceforge.net/
    4 	http://www.purl.org/net/hobbs/tcl/script/
    6 REQUIREMENTS: Tcl/Tk 8.4+
    7 	Tested through Tcl/Tk 8.6.
    8         tkcon is all Tcl/Tk code, no compiling required
   10 tkcon is a replacement for the standard console that comes with Tk (on
   11 Windows/Mac, but also works on Unix).  tkcon provides many more features
   12 than the standard console and works on all platforms where Tcl/Tk is
   13 available.  It is meant primarily to aid one when working with the little
   14 details inside tcl and tk and to give Unix users the GUI console provided
   15 by default in the Mac and Windows Tk.
   18     Command history
   19     Path (Unix style) / Proc / Variable name expansion
   20     Multiple and tabbed consoles, each with its own state (via multiple
   21         interpreters)
   22     Captures stdout and stderr to console window (puts overridden)
   23     Hot errors (click on error result to see stack trace)
   24     Electric character matching (a la emacs)
   25     Electric proc highlighting
   26     Enhanced history searching
   27     Configurable
   28     Cut / Copy / Paste between windows (interoperates with native platform)
   29     Communication between consoles and other Tk interpreters
   30         (including non-tcl ones)
   31     Works on all Tk platforms
   33 CONTACT: Jeffrey Hobbs, jeff at hobbs dot org
   37 tkcon is a single drop-in file.  On Windows, I place this on the desktop
   38 and double-click on it instead of wish/tclsh.  On Unix and OS X, I place it
   39 in a directory on my path and run this instead of wish.
   41 Documentation can be reading by starting with index.html in the docs/
   42 subdirectory.  Happying Tcl'ing!