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    1 <!- Guide to the creation of source releases for Tcllib -->
    3 <h1>Guide to the creation of source releases for Tcllib
    4 </h1>
    5 <hr>
    7 <h2>Recap
    8 </h2>
    9 <table><tr><td valign=top>
   10       <!-- The local source of this image is
   11         tcllib/devel/cvs.branches.*
   12     -->
   13       <img src="http://sourceforge.net/dbimage.php?id=2221">
   14 </td><td valign=top><p>
   15 The CVS repository for Tcllib contains two main branches,
   16       the HEAD for development, and RELEASES as the staging area for
   17       official releases.
   18 </p></td></tr></table>
   20 <h2>Dependencies
   21 </h2>
   23 <h2>Creation of a new official release
   24 </h2>
   26 <p>To create a new official release of Tcllib the release manager has
   27       to perform the steps described below:
   28 </p>
   31 <ol>
   32 <li> Retrieve the sources at the current head
   33     from the CVS repository, using a command like
   34 <pre>
   35       CVSROOT=:pserver:anonymous@cvs.tcllib.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/tcllib
   36       cvs -d${CVSROOT} co tcllib
   37 </pre>
   38     Vary this command according to taste as long as the overall
   39     meaning is not changed. Compression options and the like.
   41 <li> Tag these sources with a new branch tag for the new release of
   42       tcllib, like
   43 <pre>
   44       cvs -d${CVSROOT} rtag tcllib
   45 </pre>
   47 <li> Commit the changes, then update the working directory.
   49 <li> Use a tclsh to run the <b>sak</b> tool with the argument <i>gendist</i>, like
   50 <pre>
   51     tclsh /path/to/tcllib/sak.tcl gendist
   52 </pre>
   54 <li> This results in the creation of a <i>tcllib-VERSION</i> directory
   55 in the current working directory, and of two archives, <i>.zip</i>,
   56 and <i>.tar.gz</i>. A starkit will be created if <b>sdx</b> is present
   57 in the PATH. If additionally a file named <b>tclkit</b> is present in
   58 the current working directory a starpack will be created too, using
   59 this tclkit as the runtime.
   62 <li> Now follow the instructions in the Sourceforge site documentation
   63             for uploading the archives generated by the last
   64             step to
   65             <b>ftp://upload.sourceforge.net/incoming</b>, and
   66             follow the procedures for creating packages and
   67             releases at Sourceforge.
   68 </ol>
   70 <p>At last notify the relevant persons in other communities like
   71 Debian (See list of contacts) about the new release.
   72 </p>