1. What programs are available and what do they do?

    1. funcalc: funtools calculator (for binary tables)
    2. funcen: find centroid (for binary tables)
    3. funcnts: count photons in specified regions with background subtraction
    4. funcone: cone search on RA, Dec columns
    5. fundisp: display data in a funtools data file
    6. funhead: display a header in a funtools file
    7. funhist: create a 1D histogram of a column
    8. funimage: create a FITS image from a funtools data file
    9. funindex: create a index on a column in a binary table
    10. funjoin: join two or more FITS binary tables on specified columns
    11. funmerge: merge one or more funtools table files
    12. funsky: convert between image and sky coodinates, using WCS info from a FITS header
    13. funtable: copy selected rows from a funtools file to a FITS binary table
    14. funtbl: extract a table (obsolete)