Welcome to the Funtools FAQ

The primary home page for this FAQ is http://hea-www.harvard.edu/saord/funtools/faq/faq.html.

  1. Retrieving and Installing Funtools
    1. Where can I get funtools?
    2. How do I build funtools?
    3. What secondary build options might be useful?
  2. Programming with Funtools
    1. What are the compile/link commands for various platforms?
    2. What is the simplest possible program?
    3. Working with Binary Tables (Event Files)
      1. How do I read and display events?
      2. How do I change the values of a single column for all events?
      3. How do I process events based on the region each is in?
      4. How do I make a FITS event file from a non-FITS source (and add my own params)?
    4. Working with Images
      1. How do I process an image in double float format?
      2. How do I process an image in its native format?
  3. Funtools Analysis Programs
    1. What programs are available and what do they do?
  4. Using Filters and Regions
    1. Please show how to use column and regions filters