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    1 <html><head><title>Funtools FAQ</title></head>
    3 <p>
    4 Welcome to the Funtools FAQ
    5 <p>
    6 The primary home page for this FAQ is
    7 <a href="http://hea-www.harvard.edu/saord/funtools/faq/faq.html">http://hea-www.harvard.edu/saord/funtools/faq/faq.html</a>. 
    9 <ol>
   11 <li>Retrieving and Installing Funtools
   12 <ol>
   13 <li><a href="faq1.html#faq1">Where can I get funtools?</a>
   14 <li><a href="faq1.html#faq2">How do I build funtools?</a>
   15 <li><a href="faq1.html#faq3">What secondary build options might be useful?</a>
   16 </ol>
   18 <li>Programming with Funtools
   19 <ol>
   20 <li><a href="faq2.html#faq1">What are the compile/link commands for various platforms?</a>
   21 <li><a href="faq2.html#faq2">What is the simplest possible program?</a>
   22 <li>Working with Binary Tables (Event Files)
   23 <ol>
   24 <li><a href="faq2.html#faq1.1">How do I read and display events?</a>
   25 <li><a href="faq2.html#faq1.2">How do I change the values of a single column for all events?</a>
   26 <li><a href="faq2.html#faq1.3">How do I process events based on the region each is in?</a>
   27 <li><a href="faq2.html#faq1.4">How do I make a FITS event file from a non-FITS source (and add my own params)?</a>
   28 </ol>
   29 <li>Working with Images
   30 <ol>
   31 <li><a href="faq2.html#faq2.1">How do I process an image in double float format?</a>
   32 <li><a href="faq2.html#faq2.1">How do I process an image in its native format?</a>
   33 </ol>
   34 </ol>
   36 <li>Funtools Analysis Programs
   37 <ol>
   38 <li><a href="faq3.html#faq1">What programs are available and what do they do?</a>
   39 </ol>
   41 <li>Using Filters and Regions
   42 <ol>
   43 <li><a href="faq4.html#faq1">Please show how to use column and regions filters</a>
   44 </ol>
   46 </ol>