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Funtools ChangeLog

This ChangeLog covers both the Funtools library and the suite of applications. It will be updated as we continue to develop and improve Funtools. The up-to-date version can be found here. [The changelog for the initial development of Funtools, covering the beta releases, can be found here.]

Patch Release 1.4.6 (internal ds9 release)

Patch Release 1.4.5 (internal ds9 release)

Patch Release 1.4.4 (internal ds9 release)

Patch Release 1.4.3 (internal ds9 release)

Patch Release 1.4.2 (internal ds9 release)

Patch Release 1.4.1 (internal ds9 release)

Public Release 1.4.0 (15 August 2007)

Release 1.3.0b[n] (mainly internal SAO beta releases)

Patch Release 1.2.4 (internal SAO and beta release only)

Patch Release 1.2.3 (12 January 2004)

Patch Release 1.2.3b1 (19 August 2003)

Patch Release 1.2.2 (18 May 2003)

Patch Release 1.2.1 (24 April 2003)

Public Release 1.2.0 (24 March 2003)

Beta Release 1.2.b3 (4 February 2003)

Beta Release 1.2.b2 (7 October 2002)

Beta Release 1.2.b1 (24 September 2002)

Public Release 1.1.0 (22 April 2002)

New features include:

Pre-Release 1.1.0e (10 April 2002)

Pre-Release 1.1.0e (19 March 2002)

Pre-Release 1.1.0e (27 February 2002)

Pre-Release 1.1.0e (11 February 2002)

Beta Release 1.0.1b5 (31 January 2002)

Beta Release 1.0.1b4 (26 January 2002)

Beta Release 1.0.1b3 (4 January 2002)

Beta Release 1.0.1b2 (14 November 2001)

Beta Release 1.0.1b1 (6 November 2001)

Public Release 1.0.0 (31 July 2001)

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Last updated: 22 April 2002