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    1 Funtools is a "minimal buy-in" FITS library and utility package
    2 originally developed at the the High Energy Astrophysics Division of
    3 SAO. Although no longer actively supported at SAO, it is still widely
    4 used within the astronomical community, especially among X-ray astronomers.
    6 The Funtools library provides simplified access to a wide array
    7 of file types: standard astronomical FITS images and binary tables,
    8 raw arrays and binary event lists, and even tables of ASCII column
    9 data. A sophisticated region filtering library (compatible with ds9)
   10 filters images and tables using Boolean operations between geometric
   11 shapes, support world coordinates, etc. Funtools also supports
   12 advanced capabilities such as optimized data searching using index files.
   14 Because Funtools consists of a library and a set of user programs, it
   15 is most appropriately built from source. Funtools has been ported to
   16 Solaris, Linux, Mac OSX (Darwin) and Windows 98/NT/2000/XP. Once the
   17 source code tar file is retrieved, Funtools can be built and installed
   18 easily using standard commands:
   20   ./mkconfigure				# generate all configure scripts
   21   ./configure --prefix=[installdir] 	# configuration
   22   make					# build the software
   23   make install				# install in [installdir]
   25 See the INSTALL instructions (which are based on standard instructions
   26 for building software using GNU configure) for more information about
   27 building Funtools.