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SAOImageDS9 Installation Instructions

Linux Installation

DS9 for linux is a self contained application and does not require any installation procedures or support files.
  1. Download DS9 for linux.
  2. Use the following command line to extract DS9:
  3. $ cat ds9.<port>.<version>.tar.gz | tar -xzvf -
  4. Move the ds9 executable into a directory in your path.


  1. Download DS9 for MacOS. Drag to your Applications folder.


Darwin is only recommended for experienced users of linux. For other users, we recommend DS9 for MacOS.
DS9 Darwin requires XQuartz.  DS9 for Darwin is a  executable and must be run from the command line of a Terminal window.
  1. Download DS9 for Darwin.
  2. Open a Terminal window.
  3. Use the following command line to extract DS9:
  4. $ cat ds9.darwin<arch>.<version>.tar.gz | tar -xzvf -
  5. (Optional) Move ds9 and ds9.zip executable into a directory in your path.


  1. Download DS9 for Windows.
  2. Execute the install file. DS9 will be installed by default in C:\SAOImageDS9.