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    1 langcode: en
    2 status: true
    3 dependencies:
    4   module:
    5     - language
    6 id: language-edit
    7 label: 'Editing languages'
    8 module: language
    9 routes:
   10   - route_name: entity.configurable_language.edit_form
   11 tips:
   12   language-edit-overview:
   13     id: language-edit-overview
   14     plugin: text
   15     label: 'Editing languages'
   16     body: '<p>This page provides the ability to edit a language on your site, including custom languages.</p>'
   17     weight: 1
   18   language-edit-langcode:
   19     id: language-edit-langcode
   20     plugin: text
   21     label: 'Language code'
   22     body: '<p>You cannot change the code of a language on the site, since it is used by the system to keep track of the language.</p>'
   23     weight: 2
   24     attributes:
   25       data-id: edit-langcode-view
   26   language-edit-label:
   27     id: language-edit-label
   28     plugin: text
   29     label: 'Language name'
   30     body: '<p>The language name is used throughout the site for all users and is written in English. Names of built-in languages can be translated using the Interface Translation module, and names of both built-in and custom languages can be translated using the Configuration Translation module.</p>'
   31     weight: 3
   32     attributes:
   33       data-id: edit-label
   34   language-edit-direction:
   35     id: language-edit-direction
   36     plugin: text
   37     label: 'Language direction'
   38     body: '<p>Choose if the language is a "Left to right" or "Right to left" language.</p><p>Note that not all themes support "Right to left" layouts, so test your theme if you are using "Right to left".</p>'
   39     weight: 4
   40     attributes:
   41       data-id: edit-direction--wrapper--description
   42   language-edit-continue:
   43     id: language-edit-continue
   44     plugin: text
   45     label: 'Continuing on'
   46     body: '<p>Now that you have an overview of the "Edit language" feature, you can continue by:<ul><li>Editing a language</li><li><a href="[site:url]admin/config/regional/language">Viewing configured languages</a></li></ul></p>'
   47     weight: 5