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Contributing Code

We recommend that anyone new to Drizzle who wants to learn the code shoult see the Low hanging fruit list of bugs on Launchpad for possible tasks to take on.

SSH Keys

You will need to add a public SSH key to Launchpad to be able to push branches up for merging. To do this:

  1. Generate an SSH key (information on how to do this is in Launchpad's help pages)
  2. Go to your SSH keys page
  3. Paste your public key into the text box and click the Import public key button

Logging into Launchpad

You will need to set up your local bzr configuration with your Launchpad account so that you can push branches for merging. To do this:

# bzr launchpad-login username

Getting the Code

You will need to prepare a directory for working with Drizzle. The following example will assume you want to do this in ~/repos/drizzle:

mkdir ~/repos
cd ~/repos
bzr init-repo drizzle

At this stage you now have an initialized a directory named ~/repos/drizzle for bzr to use. Revision data will be stored in this directory so that it does not have to be separately downloaded and stored for every branch.

cd drizzle
bzr branch lp:drizzle trunk

This will take a little while, it is getting all the revisions since the beginning of the repository. This should only ever need to be done once though.

bzr branch trunk drizzle-bug-NNNNNN
cd drizzle-bug-NNNNNN

This creates a branch from trunk for you to work on.

Committing Work

All commits need to have a proper description of the changes made. This is so that future developers can read through the bzr log to find out why a certain change happened.

When committing a bug fix please use:

bzr commit --fixes lp:NNNNNN

This will automatically attach the branch to the bug report when the branch is pushed up.

Coding Standards

Our coding standards can be found at the Drizzle wiki.

Test Cases


Where possible, SQL test cases should be created for your code. Our test cases for bug fixes should be in the tests/suite/regression directory. For more information about creating test cases please see the test run <test-run-label> section of our documentation.

If writing a plugin, the other plugins in trunk have many examples of test cases.

You should attempt to test your code on multiple platforms before publishing it or proposing it for merging. Your tests must pass on all supported_platforms and be idempotent (pass when ran with test-run --repeat-test 2). You can test on other platforms by using VirtualBox or another virtualization server, or by requesting access to the Drizzle Jenkins server.

Pushing Work

When you want to push your branch to Launchpad for others to see or for merging you can use:

bzr push lp:~username/drizzle/trunk-bug-NNNNNN

This will create the branch on Launchpad which you will be able to see on the code page. If you commit more changes to your branch, just bzr push to publish the new changes.

Merge Proposals

Once your work is done and ready for review, go to code page, then click on your branch. You will see a link labeled Propose for merging.

In this screen simply fill in what this branch does and click the Propose Merge button. Members of the Drizzle merge team will review the branch, usually within a few days. If approved, it will go though our rigourous testing process, which can take several hours. If it needs more work, feedback will always be given to explain why.