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Variables reflect the running configuration of Drizzle. Variables allow you to configure (or reconfigure) certain values at runtime, whereas configuration_options configure Drizzle at startup and cannot be changed without restarting Drizzle.

To see which variables are avaiable, execute the following:

| Variable_name                              | Value              |
| auto_increment_increment                   | 1                  | 
| auto_increment_offset                      | 1                  | 
| autocommit                                 | ON                 | 
| back_log                                   | 128                | 
| basedir                                    | /opt/drizzle       |
| bulk_insert_buffer_size                    | 8388608            | 
| collation_server                           | utf8_general_ci    | 
| completion_type                            | 0                  | 
| datadir                                    | /opt/drizzle/data  |
| div_precision_increment                    | 4                  | 
| drizzle_protocol_bind_address              | localhost          | 
| drizzle_protocol_buffer_length             | 16384              | 
| drizzle_protocol_connect_timeout           | 10                 | 
| drizzle_protocol_max_connections           | 1000               | 
| drizzle_protocol_port                      | 290132299          | 
| drizzle_protocol_read_timeout              | 30                 | 
| drizzle_protocol_retry_count               | 10                 | 
| drizzle_protocol_write_timeout             | 60                 | 
| error_count                                | 0                  | 
| foreign_key_checks                         | ON                 | 

The DATA_DICTIONARY.GLOBAL_VARIABLES and DATA_DICTIONARY.SESION_VARIABLES views only list the available variables and their current values, but internally each variable has four attributes which affect how, if, and when it can be set:

  1. Creator
  2. Option
  3. Dynamic
  4. Scope

Variable are created either by the Drizzle kernel or by a plugin. Varaibles created by a plugin are prefixed with the plugin's name. For example, drizzle_protocol_port is created by the /plugins/drizzle_protocol/index plugin. Else, the variable is created by the Drizzle kernel.

Most variables have a corresponding command line option <command_line_options> which initializes the variable. For example, --drizzle-protocol.port initializes drizzle_protocol_port. Command line options are converted to variable names by stripping the option's leading -- and changing all - (hyphens) and . (periods) to _ (underscores). Variables without corresponding command line options are are usually switches (to enable or disable some feature) or counters (like error_count), and these variables can only be accessed or changed once Drizzle is running.

Dynamic variables can be changed at runtime, and the new value takes affect immediately. Documentation for each variables indicates if it is dynamic or not. Most variables, however, are static which means that they only reflect the value of their corresponding option. To change a static variable, you must change its corresponding option, then restart Drizzle. Certain variables are static and do not have a corresponding option because they are purely informational, like version and version_comment.

A variable's scope is either global, session, or both (global and session). Global variables apply to all connections (each connection is a session). Session variables apply to each connection and changes to a session in one connection do not change or affect the same variable in another connection. Changes to session variables are lost when the connection closes, but changes to global variables remain in affect until changed again.


Configuration variables and user_defined_variables are different. user_defined_variables do not affect the configuration of Drizzle, and they are always dynamic, session variables.

Setting Variables

The SET command sets global and session variables:

-- Set global variable
SET GLOBAL variable=value;

-- Set sesion variable
SET variable=value
SET SESSION variable=value

If setting the variable succeeds, the command finishes silently like:

drizzle> SET SESSION max_allowed_packet=10485760;
Query OK, 0 rows affected (0.001475 sec)

Else, an error occurs if the variable cannot be changed:

drizzle> SET tmpdir="/tmp";
ERROR 1238 (HY000): Variable 'tmpdir' is a read only variable

Querying Variables

The DATA_DICTIONARY.GLOBAL_VARIABLES and DATA_DICTIONARY.SESSION_VARIABLES are views for querying global and session variables respectively. For example, to see all variables for the /plugins/syslog/index plugin:

| VARIABLE_NAME                          | VARIABLE_VALUE |
| syslog_errmsg_enable                   | OFF            | 
| syslog_errmsg_priority                 | warning        | 
| syslog_facility                        | local0         | 
| syslog_logging_enable                  | OFF            | 
| syslog_logging_priority                | warning        | 
| syslog_logging_threshold_big_examined  | 0              | 
| syslog_logging_threshold_big_resultset | 0              | 
| syslog_logging_threshold_slow          | 0              |