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All configuration_options and configuration_variables have values (NULL values are not allowed), and all values have a generic type. Value types are similar to, but simpler than, the SQL language /data_types.

Currently, options' value types are not documented, but most options clearly imply their value type.

Value Types


Numeric values are positive or negative integers. Some numeric values are constrained, which means that the value must be within a specific range. Currently, constraints are not documented, but setting a variable <setting_variables> out-of-range will cause an error.


String values are any kind of quoted strings. Since NULL values are not allowed, empty strings are sometimes used to mean "no value" or "undefined".


When setting a variable <setting_variables>, boolean values are one of the various true and false values listed for the /boolean_data_type. When setting boolean_options, no value is need or allowed.


Size values are like numeric values but allow optional size suffixes: K, M, and G. The size value 1k is equivalent to the numeric value 1024. Size values are shown as their equivalent numeric values when you query the variables <querying_variables>.


Only configuration_options can use size values. configuration_variables must use numeric values.


Path values that are not absolute are prefixed with a path in the Drizzle installation directory. For example, if --pid-file is set to drizzled.pid, Drizzle prefixes that value with the --datadir value, resulting in a value like /opt/drizzle/data/drizzled.pid.

Default Values

If an option has a default value, drizzled --help gives it in parentheses after arg, like (=drizzled-queries.log). The relevant documentation for an option should also list its default value, if any.