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Calling COMMIT will cause the current transaction to save itself.

A COMMIT statement ends a transaction within Drizzle and makes all changes visible to other users. The order of events is typically to issue a START TRANSACTION statement, execute one or more SQL statements, and then issue a COMMIT statement. Alternatively, a ROLLBACK statement can be issued, which undoes all the work performed since START TRANSACTION was issued. A COMMIT statement will also release any existing savepoints that may be in use.

For example, DML statements do not implicitly commit the current transaction. If a user's DML statements have been used to update some data objects, and the updates need to be permanently recorded in the database, you can use the COMMIT command.

An example:


INSERT INTO popular_sites (url, id)
    VALUES ('flickr.com', 07);

INSERT INTO popular_sites (url, id)
    VALUES ('twitter.com', 10);

SELECT * FROM popular_sites;
id url notes accessed
07 flickr.com NULL 2011-02-03 08:33:31
10 twitter.com NULL 2011-02-03 08:39:16

Then to save the information just inserted, simply issue the COMMIT command: