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drizzle Command Line Client

The drizzle command line client is the primary program for ad-hoc connecting to and manipulating a Drizzle database.


Various errors can occur when trying to use the Drizzle command line clients, this is a list of some of these and how to deal with them:

Old Password

drizzle_state_handshake_result_read:old insecure authentication mechanism not supported

This error happens because the Drizzle client is trying to connect to a MySQL server which has the password stored in the Old Password (or pre-MySQL-4.1) format. This is typically seen when connecting to a stock RedHat or CentOS MySQL installation.

To resolve this, look for the old-passwords option in your MySQL configuration and disable it. Then update the password for the user you are trying to connect with using the SET PASSWORD syntax so that it can be re-recorded in the newer password format.