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drizzled Process

Starting and Stopping

Although drizzled can be started without any command line options or config files, you will certainly want to specify a minimal configuration to suite your particular system. You should be familiar with the drizzled_configuration options and variables.

Managing the drizzled process depends on whether Drizzle was installed from a package or source. Package installations can use the operating system's service managment programs, but source installations require simple scripts to manage Drizzle manually.


Ubuntu uses the service program to manage services. To start and stop Drizzle from the command line:

$ sudo service drizzle start
drizzle start/running, process 1431

$ sudo service drizzle stop
drizzle stop/waiting

/etc/init/drizzle.conf controls how service starts and stops Drizzle.


If Drizzle was installed from source, or you want to manage drizzled manually, you should create a script to start Drizzle from the command line. For example, if Drizzle was installed to /usr/local/drizzle, this script will start Drizzle with a minimal configuration:




./sbin/drizzled                     \
   --basedir=$BASEDIR               \
   --datadir=$BASEDIR/data          \
   --pid-file=/var/run/drizzled.pid \
> $BASEDIR/var/log/drizzled.log 2>&1 &

See configuring_drizzle for more information about setting additional command line options.

Use the drizzle_command_line_client to stop Drizzle:

$ drizzle --shutdown

Or, execute shtudown:

drizzle> shutdown;

The shutdown command is case-sensitive.

Output and Logging

drizzled does not close or redirect output to STDOUT or STDERR to a log file or logging facility like syslog. When starting Drizzle, you should redirect STDOUT and STDERR to a log file or to /dev/null, as in the above script example when starting Drizzle.

When running drizzled manually from a console, just allowing the output to be printed for you can of course be useful.

Note that beginning with the first Drizzle 7.1 Beta 2011.10.28 drizzled will also log messages via syslog and this is in addition to using STDOUT and STDERR.


Signal Response
HUP Ignore
TERM Shutdown