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    1 28th January 1995		H. Peter Anvin (hpa@yggdrasil.com)
    3 	Better algorithm to select cluster sizes on large filesystems.
    4 	Added bogus boot sector code that on attempts to boot prints a
    5 	message (which can be chosen at mkdosfs time) and lets the user
    6 	press any key and try again.  Corrected support for 1.2 Mb
    7 	floppies.  mkdosfs now generates the extended bootsector
    8 	(superblock) format of DOS 3.3+, with support for volume ID's and
    9 	volume labels (volume labels are also written to the root
   10 	directory, as they should).
   12 18th February 1994		Dave Hudson (dave@humbug.demon.co.uk)
   14 	Released version 0.2 - clears a bug in the FAT sizing code.
   16 1st September 1993		Dave Hudson (dave@humbug.demon.co.uk)
   18 	Released version 0.1 - ALPHA release of mkdosfs