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Caution: This "historical" page is probably outdated and nearly obsolete! You may better look at LDP (The Linux Documentation Project) to find more and fresher informations.

Have fun in browsing through our archive using the special features of this server. You just browse the archived-time sorted list. There exists also an alphabetically sorted list. A usage hint: To just download an archive file click on the according download icon () in front, but to view the archive contents, to browse the individual archive members, to accelerate the download by using higher compressing formats or to study the doxygen generated source code documentation click on the archive filename itself!


[TXT] LDP_mirroring_terminated.html (20 Feb 15:25, 6433 Bytes) *NEW*
The official mirroring of the LDP (Linux Documentation Project) was stopped on Fossies at Februar 20, 2017.
manpages-de-1.21.tar.gz (22 Jan 22:18, 31 Bytes)
manpages-de are German translated man pages for Linux.
man-pages-4.09.tar.gz (12 Dec 11:59, 29 Bytes)
The Linux man-pages project documents the Linux kernel and C library interfaces that are employed by user programs (section 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7).
abs-guide-10.html.tar.gz (7 Mar 2014, 690036 Bytes)
The Advanced Bash Scripting Guide - an in-depth exploration of the art of shell scripting (HTML).
abs-guide-10.pdf (7 Mar 2014, 2741648 Bytes)
The Advanced Bash Scripting Guide - an in-depth exploration of the art of shell scripting (PDF format; roughly 900 pages!).
_DIR: HOWTO (23 Sep 2013, directory)
Many Linux HOWTOs (text format)
ls-lR.sunsite.gz (17 Jan 2013, 970572 Bytes)
List of files at
ls-lR.sunsite.html.gz (17 Jan 2013, 1514062 Bytes)
List of files at (HTML format)
00-find.Linux.sunsite.gz (16 Jan 2013, 576474 Bytes)
Full path of all files at
[TXT] NEW.sunsite.html (13 Apr 2010, 115518 Bytes)
New files on (HTML)

Sorry, most of the offered documents were too outdated and therefore removed. Here are some pointers to other linux documentations:

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