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    1 To support that:
    2   (preferrably) take --events/-E or something
    3     support register,unregister,mmap,munmap,mount,umount events
    4   extended --execute format
    5     support: pid,id,parentid,filename,directory,mode,device,iattr_valid,
    6              offset,size
    8 Add entry to known bugs section about create vs close issue.
    9 Created files are empty
   11 dnotify: file mention support. extended {}
   13 FIXME: use same signal handler (signal_handler) - should it use
   14 special siginfo arguments or not (SA_SIGINFO)? is this necessary?
   16 --return-code=warn      Warn about non-zero return codes (default)
   17 --return-code=ignore	Do not print warning about return code
   18 --return-code=fail	Exit immediately if return code is non-zero
   20 When the dnotify processes received SIGTERM/SIGwhatever, should it do
   21 anything special to terminate children?
   23 Go to background mode? --daemon/--background? Or recommend start-stop-daemon.
   25 What happens if you remove the directory that you monitor? (FIXME below)
   27 Recursive option should rescan directory when changed?
   28   --rescan
   29   rescan directory
   30     for each directory that still exists, ignore
   31     for each directory that no longer exists, well what happens? FIXME - test
   32     for each directory that is new, call add_directory (FIXME: where to insert?)
   33     how to know what directories are old? how to search?
   35 Add option to not replace {}? Allow escaping with backslash?