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    1 2004-10-28
    2   Version 0.18.0.
    3   Added -b, --background option (patch submitted by Thomas Clausen,
    4   thanks).
    5   Split translation messages into smaller units for easier translation.
    6   Added note about directories not being rescanned in recursive mode
    7   to Known bugs and manual page (thanks James E Taylor and others).
    9 2004-10-03
   10   Version 0.17.2.
   11   Fixed a bug causing dnotify to exit with
   12   "cannot read directory `xyz' - No such file or directory" in
   13   recursive mode on some systems (reported by Matt Clay, thanks).
   14   Upgraded to automake 1.9.2.
   15   Some minor localization updates.
   17 2004-09-17
   18   Version 0.17.1.
   19   Fixed a bug: --times would not always work. Reported and patched by
   20   Julien Antille.
   21   Added info about the Enhanced file change notification for linux
   22   project to the README (link submitted by Clemens Zeidler).
   24 2004-08-26
   25   Version 0.17.0.
   26   Implemented -f/--file, specifying file to read names of directories
   27   to monitor from (suggested by John).
   28   Added and corrected copyright headers of source files.
   29   Removed debian support since renameutils has been in the official
   30   Debian archives for quite some time now (thanks Laurence J. Lane).
   32 2004-04-14
   33   Version 0.16.0.
   34   Contributions from Marco Cova:
   35     Added gettext support and Italian translation.
   36     Fix a memory leak in queue_fd/unqueue_fd (QueueFD was never freed).
   37     Use exit(EXIT_SUCCESS) instead of exit(0) and so on.
   38     Wrap #include <config.h> in #ifdef HAVE_CONFIG_H
   39   Added Swedish translation.
   40   Place copyright notice in all source files.
   41   Print libc error message for malloc failure (not just "out of memory").
   42   Clarified "{}" argument in the manual page.
   43   Upgraded to automake 1.8.
   44   Improved AUTHORS file.
   46 2004-04-01
   47   Version 0.15.0.
   48   Handle CTRL-Z/SIGSTOP correctly (reported by Christian Häggström
   49   through Laurence J. Lane, Debian bug #241338).
   50   Handle SIGSTOP and c:o correctly in child processes (use SA_NOCLDSTOP).
   51   A minor optimization.
   52   Some minor updates to the configure.ac file.
   54 2003-11-08
   55   Version 0.14.0.
   56   Use sigwaitinfo instead of pipes for communication (suggested by
   57   Thomas Lussnig).
   58   Fixed a small bug: dnotify would not warn when no directory arguments
   59   were supplied.
   60   A race condition was fixed: If multiple children terminated at the same
   61   time, dnotify could miss some of them, thinking they were still running.
   62   Unblock SIGCHLD on start as well as SIGRTMIN.
   63   Minor update of --help message (from Debian maintainer Laurence J. Lane).
   65 2003-04-08
   66   Version 0.13.0.
   67   Added a configure option `--disable-flowner-check' to disable check for
   68   fl_owner bug in kernels <= 2.4.18.
   69   Added a configure option `--disable-sigrtmin-check' to disable check for
   70   support of real-time signals.
   71   Documented the build process in more detail in the README file.
   72   More detailed --help message.
   73   Fixed warning in error.c that exit was not declared.
   75 2002-12-27
   76   Version 0.12.0.
   77   Created a homepage for dnotify, updated URLs in documents.
   78   Fixed a bug in queuing code that would cause a segmentation fault
   79   (reported by Alexandre Bustico).
   81 2002-12-07
   82   Version 0.11.0.
   83   Added RPM spec file (contributed by Christian Vogel).
   84   Added a work-around for lpthread bug that incorrectly made the configure
   85   script say that you were using an old buggy kernel (see
   86   http://bugs.gnu.org/cgi-bin/gnatsweb.pl?database=glibc&cmd=view&pr=libc%2F4927
   87   for details).
   88   Fixed option names in the examples in the manual page.
   90 2002-12-05
   91   Version 0.10.0.
   92   WARNING! Many short option names have changed in this release, meaning
   93   that if you upgrade, scripts using dnotify with short options must be
   94   rewritten!
   95   Upgraded to autoconf 2.56 and automake 1.7.1.
   96   Split dnotify.c into dnotify.h, main.c, error.c and string.c for readability.
   97   Moved sources and manual page to src subdirectory.
   98   Added some stuff to configure.ac after running autoscan.
   99   Removed support for systems with fl_owner bug in linux <= 2.3.18.
  100   Removed support for systems with SIGRTMIN bug in GNU libc 2.3.1.
  101   Added check for fl_owner bug in configure.ac.
  102   Renamed many short options.
  103   Added new options:
  104     --processes (max number of commands to run at a time)
  105     --queue (max depth of queue holding commands to be run)
  106     --times (to control number of times to run command)
  107     --silent (alias for --quiet)
  108   Rewrote main loop model to support --processes and --queue options,
  109   resulting in more simple and stable code now.
  110   Updated documentation and manual page to reflect all changes above.
  112 2002-11-12
  113   Version 0.9.0.
  114   Added new option, --all (-A) to specify all events.
  115   Added new option, --once (-O) to run the command only once.
  116   Added the problem not being able to see name of changed file to Known bugs.
  117   Made a work around for a bug in GNU libc 2.3.1 that would make dnotify
  118   unusable (crash or do nothing).
  119   Fixed bug in error reporting that would make dnotify crash with GNU libc 2.3.1.
  120   Print fatal error messages even with --quiet.
  121   Code cleanups - use GNU __attribute__ extension for some functions.
  122   Fixed conflicting short option names - --rename and --recursive both were -r.
  123   Fixed possible segmentation fault on exit - static memory was being free'd.
  124   Build debian package with --enable-sigrtmin (bad but necessary).
  126 2002-09-17
  127   Version 0.8.0.
  128   Fixed 'no such file or directory' and 'too many open files' bugs
  129   with --recursive (reported by Daniel Fraga).
  130   Fixed trashed output when using {}.
  131   Updated README document (added "Similar projects" etc).
  133 2002-09-02
  134   Version 0.7.0.
  135   Added TODO document.
  136   Implemented --recursive (-R) option.
  137   Implemented --quiet (-q) option to suppress warnings about non-zero child
  138   exits. (Patch submitted by Scott McPeak.)
  140 2002-07-23
  141   Version 0.6.0.
  142   Minor bug fix: Unblock the RTMIN signal in child process
  143   before executing a program. (Reported by MJ Pomraning.)
  144   Enable --execute as alias for -e. (Reported by Steve Kemp.)
  145   Fixed "regex-markup" typo in README. (Reported by Steve Kemp.)
  146   Minor updates in configure.ac after running autoscan.
  148 2002-05-21
  149   Version 0.5.0.
  150   Fixed an important race condition reported by MJ Pomraning.
  151   As a result of this, the code could be much simplied.
  152   Updated README document about broken dnotify in 2.4.18 and earlier.
  153   It is now recommended that the fl_owner patch is used.
  154   Updated the examples in the manual page a little.
  156 2002-05-12
  157   Version 0.4.0.
  158   Hopefully last resort for solving the "interrupted system call"
  159   bug: Use TEMP_FAILURE_RETRY.
  161 2002-05-07
  162   Version 0.3.0.
  163   Apparently the "interrupted system call" bug wasn't fixed in
  164   the previous version. This version now ignores the SIGCHLD,
  165   I hope that fixes the problems.
  167 2002-04-28
  168   Version 0.2.0.
  169   Fixed an important bug that would cause dnotify to abort with
  170   "interrupted system call".
  171   Regenerated with automake 1.5 and autoconf 2.53.
  172   Don't include changelog.gz in the Debian package (the changelog
  173   is not used).
  175 2002-03-11
  176   Version 0.1.0.
  177   First public release.