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    1 Author
    2 ======
    4 Oskar Liljeblad <oskar@osk.mine.nu>
    6 Contributors
    7 ============
    9 Steve Kemp (bug reports, documentation fixes)
   10 M.J. Pomraning (bug fixes, suggestions)
   11 Laurence J. Lane (bug reports, documentation fixes, Debian maintenance)
   12 Scott McPeak (--quiet patch)
   13 Daniel Fraga (bug reports, suggestions)
   14 Heikki Orsila (feature suggestions)
   15 Christian Vogel (initial RPM spec file)
   16 Michael O'Donnell (bug fixes)
   17 Thomas Lussnig (main code suggestions)
   18 Christian Häggström (bug fixes)
   19 Marco Cova (gettext support, bug fixes, Italian translation)
   21 Let me know if your name is missing from this file.