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    1 Copyright © 2005-2022 S.Chekanov. jHepWork, DataMelt
    2 DataMelt License
    3 See: https://datamelt.org/ 
    6 DataMelt is licensed by the GNU General Public License (GPL) v3 or later, and
    7 links many external libraries under the GPL license. Documentation libraries,
    8 examples, installer, code assist database, language files integrated into the
    9 DataMelt IDE software package are not licensed by the GPL license and free only
   10 for NON-COMMERCIAL purposes (academic research, science and education).
   11 Due to the GPL license restrictions, DataMelt Java libraries cannot be used in
   12 projects with closed-source code.
   14 If you use DataMelt for a COMMERCIAL purpose, you you should become a full
   15 DataMelt member. This will allow to use DataMelt web services for a COMMERCIAL purpose.
   17 In order to use DataMelt Java libraries in a commercial programs with possibly
   18 closed-source environment, you will need to receive a redesigned version of
   19 this program suitable for commercial purpose.
   21 DataMelt language files, documentation, examples, installers, code-assist
   22 databases and certain third-party libraries are subject to the Creative
   23 Commons Attribution-Share Alike License 2.0 
   25 Third-party licenses and licenses for separate DataMelt libraries 
   26 are archived in the file lib/licenses.jar