a text editor written in JAVA with on-fly spell checking

jeHEP is a full-featured FREE text editor for Windows, Linux and Mac. It supports many programming languages: C/C++, PYTHON, JAVA, PHP, FORTRAN and many more. It is also specially designed for editing LaTeX files. It has several many unique features, such as:
  • The only Java-based editor with on-fly spell checking
  • The only editor with color syntax highlighting for all classes of ROOT data-analysis framework
  • Color syntax highlighting for many programming languages
  • A document structure viewer for fast navigation
  • Multiple clipboards
  • Multiple bookmarks (Eclipse-like)
  • Extensive configurability
  • File browser
  • Multi-document support
  • Enhanced console for BeanShell and Jython with syntax highlighting and built-in macro language for custom commands. Macros based written for jEdit textArea can be used.
  • Linux/Unix - like commands cp, mv, rm, cat etc. are supported.
  • Extensive LaTeX support: a structure viewer, build-in Bibtex manager (JabRef) and LatexTools
jeHEP is licensed by the GNU General Public License (GPL). Read jeHEP License Terms and Conditions . The GNU General Public License (GPL) is here.

maintained by S.Chekanov: